Elin's Tower on the mighty cliffs at South Stack
Photo : Tim Snow

Elin's Tower at South Stack

Elin’s Tower (Tŵr Elin) is a short castellated tower located around 2.5 miles west of Holyhead, Anglesey. Built between 1820 and 1850 by the locally well known Stanley family from Penrhos, it was originally used as a summer house.

Today the tower serves as an RSPB information centre, which houses the TV monitors the latest digital video cameras situated on the cliff’s. A shop and café for the reserve it is in as well as affording good view of South Stack and its lighthouse.

Amazing view of south stack cliffs and lighthouse from Elins tower

Elin’s Tower is now managed by the RSPB, and is a fantastic information centre. Inside there are painting of birds by the Anglesey bird and wildlife artist Philip Snow.

As you reach the top of the stairs you are greeted by three windows, one on each wall which has an amazing view out towards South Stack (Ynys Lawd) and the iconic South Stack lighthouse , the cliffs where literally thousands of birds like razorbills and guillemots and if your very lucky you may see some puffins in early spring.

One of the monitors linked to the cliff top cameras at Elins tower

Latest digital video cameras on cliffs at South Stack

The RSPB have carefully placed the latest high quality digital video cameras on the cliffs so you can see the nearby nesting birds up close.

There are several large display monitors on view.

They also have quite a powerful telescope that you can use to view South Stack and on the cliffs, along with several pairs of binoculars for public use. Quite often Dolphins and Porpoises can be seen in the bay down below.

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