Twr Mawr Lighthouse Llanddwyn Island
Photo : Tim Snow


Twr Mawr Lighthouse is situated on the stunning and tranquil Ynys Llanddwyn (Llanddwyn Island). It is situated at the far end of the Island, marking the western approach to the Menai Strait.

Twr Mawr lighthouse on Llanddwyn island from beach

The Lighthouse tower on Llanddwyn Island is so similar to many of the windmill designs on Anglesey, it is thought that it may have been a windmill at one time.

The door is situated on the north east side and has a small window either side, the two floors above also have small windows, although the top floor is void of a window.

The present lighthouse on Llanddwyn Island was constructed in 1845, a beacon would probably have preceded it similar to Twr bach which is adjacent to it. The lighthouse is 10 meters high and is also a grade 2 listed building.

Twr bach lighthouse on Llanddwyn island

Twr Bach Lighthouse Llanddwyn Island

This is a conical shaped tower and can be seen to the south east of the Twr Mawr lighthouse, and could well have been built before Twr Mawr.

Twr Bach Lighthouse is situated on a small island next to Llanddwyn Island which is joined by a small causeway. It is next to the old lifeboat station which remained in service until 1903.

The walls of Twr Bach Lighthouse are over 2 meters thick and only 5 meters in height, it has no windows and is powered by solar power and has a range of 7 nautical miles.

It is thought that this lighthouse was built in the early 1800’s as it appears on an Ordnance Survey map 1818 -1883, but not on an earlier chart of Lewis Morris dated 1800. Twr Bach Lighthouse is a Grade 2 listed building.